Our Guns are made as like as old fashion and hand Finished. 

Our 12 Bore side-by-side gun is unique built to the customer’s specific requirements. All actions are machined hand made and built in our factory.

12 bore gun


1) The Fitting work

As with all the close fitting work in our factory, let us start with the solid forged body . We hand file all the basic shape of the action and its parts,  After the necessary shaping and cutting / centering and measurements. This body is handed to the actioner to work on and the barrels are prepared under precise drilling and turning of the bars, the making of the bore, the lapping of the internal tubes the external ones are carefully finished by hand the joining of the barrels and the soldering of the ribs with alloy at low fusion temperature and barrel lumps split for jointing. We bend and file the top strap, and fit the locks and disc set strikers. The barrel-joint is created, with the hook cut from the front lump, and the crosspin fitted. Strikers are set in, ready for proof testing.

barrel jointiing


2) Proofing

From here, the gun with firing pin fitted will submit the gun to the Indian Ordnance factory (Proof House) for proof testing, where all our actions are subjected to Check and barrel  strength are tested.


3) Action  Work

Now after proof testing guns are ready to give the proper shape and slots are prepared. The actioner hand file all the spare parts to come up with any uneven and fits all the mechanical parts in the body.



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The barrels of the Santokhoo are IOF tested. Which have determined their fame in being great hunting and competition guns. Starting with the special steel that assures extremely high resistance and high tensile strength;  and concluding with the exclusive browning technique of the barrels giving them an extraordinary glossy black color and an elevated resistance against corrosion. Available in various standard lengths or made to measure on request, the barrels feature a smooth or hand checkered.




Since long we are using wallnut stock which can be custom made to the client’s measurements and we use only the highest quality walnut, the butt can be crafted into various shapes CLASSIC (Plane Butt) Hockey type & Pistol Grip . The Butt and Handguard are finely hand checkered and finished in oil or highly polished with high gloss Lacquer strokes. The final result can b seen.

wallut slide



Any type of engraving is possible on our side-by-sides gun which is executed only by the most expert Master Engravers who seek to give the best of themselves each time. From the ideation to the development of a subject or a theme, to the preparation of research and original designs which can be eventually kept by the client on request, to the actual engraving, each step is testimony to the total and absolute dedication of the Master Engraver whose signature will leave an indelible trace for generations to come.


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