1. im inserted in buying a DBBL gun … i have seen your gun in my friend circle the gun is very well made and the overall quality is very good … please mail me the requirements for owning a DBBL gun

  2. I am interested in getting an Over under shotgun. Can you help me in getting it. Thanks in advance.

    • There are many factories which manufacture over-under guns We are one of them but the overunder gun manufacturer by our factory is very limited in market….

      You will get over-under gun and detail from our dealer VARUN ARMOURY Bahu Plaza Jammu (0191-2474301)

      Arms Manufacturers

  3. I am Gurpreet Singh from Talwandi Sabo distt.Bathinda Punjab. I have heard alot about santokhoo guns. I am confused between s/s and o/u. I want the gun in 28″ or 26″.please do guide me and also let me know the price too.

    • We are Happy that you heard about our guns and thanks for your comment…

      Side-by-side gun is the best gun in 12 bore weapon and commonly used by everyone.. many people like s/s guns and it comes from 22″ to 30″

      over-&-under gun comes in 28″& 30″ it is expensive and prefered by sports shooter

      Now it depend upon your taste of weapon… weather you like s/s or o/u for us both the guns are very good. We manufacture our guns as a Masterpiece.
      These guns will serve you and your generation to come

      Santokhoo Gun Works

  4. Can i buy the gun direct from factory, or should i have to buy through the dealer, because i m from punjab.

    • We are sorry.. we can not sell gun directly from our factory…
      Contact to your nearest Arms Dealer for our gun

      Santokhoo Gun Works

  5. Iam great fan of ur products and have 2 guns of eagle.My dad was posted in jammu at that time in central force .Ur hammeered single barrel of 1976 even today is excellent and second is DBBL of 2003.In our area of Punjab all dealers avoid selling ur guns to buyers .Even I want to change my gun from eagle to pointer or spider r these ejector ones I want ejector guns .Ur guns r best although many manufaturers r known to us but despite this I prefer ur products there is no problem with either my guns but I want to see ur new products.What is difference between eagle with pointer and spider models?
    best of regards
    best of regards

    • Thank Dsingh
      You are most welcome to see our improved quality & new models
      the difference between all our models is the Metal Quality / light weight technology and the working mechanism.


  6. Im in South India. Mangalore. Where do I get your DBBL-SS.Who are your Southern dealers. And what is the current dealer price.Please.

    • Sorry Antony , Currently we don’t have any dealer in South
      nearest will be Jabalpur Gupta Arms


  7. Dear, sir im really impressed by ur website ur fit and finish is good im gun lover can u design and make gun according to my specification.Regards Samar Singh Indore Mp

    • Dear Samar Singh
      Thanks you very much ….yes we can make gun according to your specifications. As you are from MP you will get our gun from Gupta Arms Jabalpur. But custom specification and delivering it to Jabalpur counter will take 6 months time. otherwise you are most welcome to our outlet in Jammu.


  8. Happy Diwali to u and ur staff,
    Thanx for ur beautiful reply.wHWNEVER Icome to jammu I will buy a product from u .

  9. Ravindra Singh Bhadauriya

    I am interested to buy Folding but short size Gun

  10. sir
    i am devendra singh from gwalior mp i want single selective over under 12 bore gun please tell how can i get it should i contact your factory kindly tell me as soon as possible

  11. Hello Sir ,I required a o/u shotgun ,i have my weapon license from Gurdaspur district . Have you o/u guns in ready stock if yes then kindly let me know from where i can buy this and how much its cost .My contact no. is +919646081007

    • Hello KD SINGH,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      Currently over – under gun is out of stock.

      once it comes to our ready stock we will intimate you

      Thank You for your Interest.


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